If you have contracted a facility please provide us a copy of the contract. The USBGA official Shows coordinator will send you a kit containing the USBGA Official Show Rules, the Certified Judges List, a schedule of Official show divisions & classes, and other useful information to assist you in planning the event. 

  • The organization and/or persons described below intend to host an Official USBGA Official Boer Goat Show.
  • The completion and/or submission of this request does not constitute a binding contract, written or implied, by and/or between, the USBGA and/or the undersigned and or the event described herein.
  • All USBGA Official Shows shall be judged by an Official USBGA licensed judge.
  • The application process must be completed fully prior to your show receiving Official USBGA Show status.

If you would like to host a USBGA Boer Goat Show, please submit the form below.

Intent to Host