• Bluebird Ranch

     Raising fullblood South African and percentage Boer goats. We are located in southern middle


  • B&W Boers

     B&W Boers   ...lies tucked in a beautiful valley in the foothills of the Appalachian Plateau and is home to a  

     quality herd of South African Boer goats. B&W goats are the product of legendary genetics: For example  

     Herd Sire ZANZABAR - a PIPELINE(Ennobled) grandson with 9 CODI/PCI and 8 Ennobled goats in  

     immediate background.

  • Clear Creek Farms

     At Clear Creek Farms we raise South African Boer Goats, striving to produce top quality animals for  

     breeding and show. We are located in southern middle Tennessee near the Alabama State Line. Please

     visit our articles pages to read about raising boer goats and livestock guardian dogs. We have added a 

     Glossary of frequently used goat words/terms. We are proud of the outstanding genetics in our herd -

     goats who have their foundation from some of the best breeders in the industry. Contact Ken or Pat Motes

     at 931-852-2168 or 931-852-2168 or via e-mail at motes@motesclearcreekfarms.com. Our web sites are 

     http://MotesClearCreekFarms.com and http://SA-BoerGoats.com .
     Pat & Ken Motes

  • End of The Trail Farm

     End of The Trail Farm owned by Jeff and Debbie Thompson is located in East Tennessee between  

     Knoxville and Johnson City.
     We offer fullbloods, percentages and wethers of high quality show and commercial grade with ennobled

     bloodlines at reasonable prices. We love our goats and are sure you will too!!!! Visit our website    

     http://www.endoftrailgoats.com/ or contact us at 423-255-2993 or by email Dbrook191@aol.com .

  • Giezentanner Boer Goats

     Our small farm raises a closed herd of Traditional and Paint breeding quality FULL CODI/PCI Boer goats.  

     We have some of the best Full South African CODI/PCI genetics available. We are located in Cookeville,  

     Tn. centered between Knoxville, Nashville, & Chattanooga along I-40.

  • Jack Branch Station

     Gordon and Barbara Davis
     We live on the beautiful Cumberland Plateau near Fall Creek Falls State Park, Bledsoe/ Van Buren

     County, in middle Tennessee. We are raising a CLOSED HERD of Full Blood South African and

     Percentage Boer Breeding Stock. Our goal is to produce the best, reasonably priced, quality, disease free

     breeding stock available, while maintaining the standards of the Boer Breed. Our goats are certified CL,

     CAE, and JohneÂ’s Disease free; and guaranteed to breed. The herd is pasture raised without hormones,

     working goats designed to produce meat in your herd, which puts dollars in your pocket.
     Our herd Sire is RamboÂ’s Rufus, the son of Rambo, Ennobled. On his first showing at the USBGA

     sanctioned Middle Tennessee Summer Shootout, Rufus at six months took a 3rd place Ribbon. We have

     high hopes for him.

     Our stock is registered, USBGA #8451. Please call us at (423) 881-5525 or E-mail at 

     jackbranchst@bledsoe.net if your are interested in quality stock at a reasonable price, we would love to  

     meet you and talk goats.

  • Lewis Circle Boer Goats

     Our farm is located in Dover, Tennessee where we reside in a little community known as Pot Neck. We

     have been breeding and striving to improve the quality of our herd. We have a closed, disease free herd.

     Raising goats has been and continues to be a rewarding experience. It is a lot of hard work but we enjoy

     it as a family activity. Feel free to come by and visit.
     email: abmslewisfarm@bellsouth.net
     Phone: 931-232-6440 or 931-232-7112

  • Walnut Hills Farm

     Located in Mid-Tennessee, at Walnut Hills Farms we raise percentage, Fullbood, SA and 100% Codi PCI

     boer goats. We should have a excellent selection of kids year round, for show or breeding. Come by and

     visit or give us a call: 615-374-4575. Doug and Sue Bagwell.


  • Antelope Creek Ranch

     Full blood boer and percentage boer goats for sale including commercial grade full blood boer bucks for

     meat goat herds. We have over 1500 boers at the ranch including herd sires from all the famous blood l  

     lines. Home of Texas Twister progeny and Twister's Tornado - a son of Texas Twister. Also featuring kids    

     from Bingo, Little 85, #170, #175, Scado, M'Bala Bala, Samson, Liberace, ABM 2677-Crocidile Dundee,  

     The Boy Named Sue and of course Texas Twister.

  • BlackWolf Ranch Boer Goats

     Located in Boyd, Texas. Specializing in Browns, Reds, Paints, and Traditionals. Our Sire "BlackWolf Big

     Red" who is a 100% Boer and 100% RED, has some of the prettiest and BIGGEST kids I have ever seen.

     Our show wethers are some of the best in the area. John & Keri Goley-Breeders/Raisers. Contact us by

     e-mail at goley01@msn.com or call 940-577-0925.


     Premium Codi/Pci breeder for 12 years, some of the best genetics in the world
     Close to Ft Worth, TX. 

  • Crazy Kid Boer Goats

     We are a relatively small operation with approximately 50 full-blood and percentage boer goats. Our goal

     is to raise healthy, high quality livestock for breeding stock and show.
     We are located about 10 miles south of Canton, Texas. Canton is approximately 1 hour east of downtown

     Dallas. Our ranch is on 90 acres that is approximately 50% wooded and 50% pasture. Through rotation of

     pastures and a low goat/acre ratio, we intend to have a herd that requires a minimal amount of feed

     supplementation and medication to thrive.
     Tom and Gayle Rhines / sales@crazykidgoats.com / 972-768-1082 / 972-768-1608 

  • Enchanted Rock Boer Goats

     We are proud to open our goat herd to the public this year. Through careful selection and breeding for  

     does with strong carcass to bone ratio and selection of bucks with equally strong conformational

     excellence and genetic histories, we have developed what we believe is an outstanding goat herd.    

     Fredericksburg, TX. 830 685 3304 (Home) 210 323 1096 (BobÂ’s Cell) ;  


  • Goat Palace - Where we treat our kids like ROYALTY!

     Dave & Laurie Lilly
     Looking for Quality Stock? You have come to the right place! We have South African genetics with    

     excellent confirmation, well-balanced animals with personality, calm dispositions, and great blood lines.

     We have full blood South African genetics.

     One of the highlights of the Goat Palace was to be blessed with a Buck for all seasons.

     He exhibits the style of the future with his perfect conformation and magnificent head. He carries the

     magic oval silhouette in the elegance and perfection of his South African ennobled head.

     The Goat Palace wishes that each breeder has the opportunity to see a cherished and near perfect

     animal complete it final climb to complete their " Elite Ennobled Championship"

     Dave Lilly: 503-502-1938
     Contact us at 
     You are welcome to visit our websites at 

  • Hill Country Farm

     Hill Country Farm is located 34 miles from down town Austin, Texas.  Everett and Annette have been

     raising some form of goat for 30 years.  They are enjoying raising beautiful South African Boer Goats.    

     They specialize in Boer Goats that milk well and are very sound on their feet and legs.   Show quality

     stock has been sold all over the U.S.  Many champions across the country are proud of the base blood

     lines of Hill Country Farm.  Stop by and visit with us.   We love to talk Boer Goats!

  • Hower Ranch Boer Goats

     Home of Tarzan T66 Jungle Boy (J.B.). Our herd is made up of fullbloods as well as percentages. Paints

     and Correct. Our herd carries genetics from Tarzan T66, Sumo, Pipeline, Starbuck, BGR Riley, BGR Bea,

     and many others. We will be expecting kids from our Tarzan T66 son the spring of ‘04.

Contact Ronnie Hower 361-510-6011, ronnieh@vtci.net

  • Tipton Ranch

We produce high quality Fullblood & Percentage black Boer Goats.  We have over 30 years of experience and have produced some of the best genetics in boers in Texas.  We are located in beautiful Menard, Texas.  We buy, sell & breed Fullblood Black Boer Goats. Once you've gotten a glimpse of our Fullblood Black Boers we know you'll want to see more! Check out our website and give us a call! 

Joe Tipton
PO Box 1081
Menard, TX 76859


  • Billy and the Kids Boers

     "Home of Future Champions"

     Offering high quality full & percent Boers for showing or breeding. Reasonable priced, Excellent

     bloodlines including Geronimo, Tarzan T66 Son, Warlord, and Renoir. Visit us at  

     http://www.billyandthekidsboers.com/ Located in Cumberland, VA.

  • Daphna Road Boer Goats

     Glenn See


  • 3 Eagles Ranch

     We are a newly established Boer Breed farm just off the I-5 freeway in Southwestern Washington. We  

     breed full-bloods and percentages for all purposes. We have two registered bucks and several registered

     does, also percentage does. Please visit our web site at http://www.3eaglesranch.com/.

  • Cedar Crest Ranch

     Our Ranch is located just below Beautiful Mt. Rainier in Washington state. We are raising a Quality herd

     of South African Boers. We are bringing some of the hottest bloodlines in the country to WA. We offer  

     Fullbloods, Purebreds, and percentage animals. We offer from Show Quality to commercial stock.

  • Clover Country Farm

     Clover Country Farm is a small family farm located in Southwest Washington. We are breeding Boer

     Goats and would love to have you visit our website at www.clovercountry.com or give us a call at 360-

     942-8236 if you have any questions or like to come by and visit.
     Thanks a bunch and looking forward to hearing from you
     John and Marielle Latimer

  • Clemmons Summitview Boers

     http://www.summitviewboers.homestead.com/ Clemmons Summitview Boers is a goat breeding operation

     located in Cowiche, Washington just minutes from Yakima. Our goal is to raise breeding stock with the  

     following characteristics:  healthy, strong, disease free, excellent maternal instincts, ability to pack on &

     carry meat with eye popping color. We have 4 bucks at stud, BRC Big Rock Rey (red paint), RNSH Auto

     Repeater (traditional), WHG Stinger's Eclipse (solid red) & ZOE Perfect Benediction (red/white spotted).

     Our herd is negative for CAE, CL & Johne's.

  • Fairy Grove Farm

     Fairy Grove Farm is located in Elk, WA (Spokane County). We have full and percentage Boers, show, pet  

     and meat quality. Visit our webpage at http://www.fairygrovefarm.com/. Contact information  

     lorrainna@fairygrovefarm.com or 888-96-FAIRY (888-963-2479)

  • Friday Creek Farm

     Friday Creek Farm is a small family farm located in Northwest Washington. We raise quality fullblood and

     percentage Boers for every purpose. Please visit our website to view pictures of our herd and animals

     currently for sale. http://www.fridaycreekfarm.com/
     Bill and Wendy Cummins, Burlington, WA info@fridaycreekfarm.com


     Jim & Sue LaFollette
     Web site: 
     Email: gorge-usboergoats@gorge.net

     We are located in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge of Washington. Just 56 miles east of Portland,  

     Oregon. And we raise gorgeous Boer goats. We have a herd of  45, registered Fullblood Boer, purebred &  

     percentage Boer/Nubian & Boer/Kiko, & Fullblood Kiko does on fifteen acres. They are painted, red &  

     traditional colored. Show & breeding stock. We strive to produce top quality at reasonable prices. We

     offer corrective hoof trimming instructions on our web site.

  • Heaven Sent Boers

     Visit us at http://www.home.earthlink.net/~brighgotgoats/
     Gary & Aline Bright -- Come see us in Monroe, Washington.

  • Just Kidding Farm

     We are a small breeder of purebred and percentage Boer Goats in Central Washington state. We have for

     sale in the spring, doelings and show and market wethers Please visit our website    

     http://www.justkiddingfarm.net/ or contact us at tcollins@cleelum.com

  • Kaorda Farm 

     Fullblood and Percentage Boer Goats
     Located off the I-5 corridor north of Bellingham
     Dave and Kaye Thomson, 360-366-3422

  • Lazy V Bar W Boers

     Small time goat breeders, raising quality percentage and purebred stock. Good bloodlines at affordable

     prices with discounts for multiple animal purchases. Located in Goldendale, Washington. Visit our website

     (updated weekly): http://www.freewebs.com/lazyboersnbunnies or email us at dakotta@gorge.net.

  • Oak Canyon Boer Goat Farm

     We are located in Goldendale, WA.
     Arthur and Gloria Torsen, 

  • Puntureweed Flats Boer Goats

     USBGA since 2003 and CAE & CL Negative. Old blood-- S.A.-Dow Pipeline, Hill Country, Landcorp,    

     Farmworld. Buck goes back to Tarzan T66. Benton City, Wa. 509-987-7208 or    


  • Quilceda Farm

     Full Blood and Percentage Boer Goats / Breed Stock, Pets, 4-H and Meat
     2317 158th ST NW - Marysville, Washington 98271
     Located off of the I-5 corridor North of Seattle
     Terry and Juanita Whetham, 360-652-3231, 

  • Rancho Alegre

     A small hobby (retired) Boer Goat farm located just north of Bellingham. Currently all of our goats are

     Fullblood Boer goats.
     Come see us at http://www.ranchoalegregoats.com/

  • Richard & Sandy's Boer Goat Farm

     We are located in Graham, Washington. We are raising commercial, percentage and fullblood Boer Goats

     for pets, brush eaters, meat, show, 4-H and FFA projects. Please visit our website at 


  • R & R Royal Boer Goats

     Susan Rhoads
     2707 W. Sandpiper Road
     Deer Park, WA.  99006
     509 279- 3066

  • Stonebrier Farm

     We raise paint and traditional Boer Goats.  We have some of the best genetics in the Pacific Northwest in  

     our herd.  We sell Goats for breeding, show, and, wethers for the table.  Our Farm is located on beautiful  

     Whidbey Island, just 7 miles from the historic Deception Pass Bridge.  Stop by and see our Goats. If you

     see any goats on the website that you want to know more about just give us a call, 360-240-2535, or write  

     us an e-mail. Our website is at http://www.stonebrierfarm.com/


  • Far View Farms LLC

     Located near Morgantown, WV and has raised goats for 6 years. We are adding new bloodlines and color  

     to have a variety to offer.

  • Pine Hill Farm Boer Goats

     Located in the beautiful hills of West Virginia near the mighty Ohio River. I specialize in Full Blood Boers.  

     Very good genetics including Ubora, Tsjaka in my herd sire and Mzuri does from champions. These goats

     are long and wide, good solid frames and heavy muscled.
     Stop by my website and check them out!
     Judith Phillips
     Henderson, WV
     Phone: (304) 675-4316


  • Cedar Run Ranch

     Our father/daughter partnership consists of Dave and Tracy Lasley. We are located in Oconto, Wisconsin.

     Our herd of both Fullbloods, and Percentages is growing steadily. We are always interested in purchasing

     and selling. Contact us at Tracy_JoLeO@msn.com or (920) 834-3260.

  • Four Y's Farm

     Located in Southern Wisconsin. We raise percentage and full-blood Boer for show, meat & 4-H. Take a

     look at our web site or e-mail Dave & Shellie with any questions.  


  • K Slack Farms -- Raising Suffolk and Dorset Sheep and Registered Boer Goats

     We here at K Slack Farms raise Registered Suffolk and Dorset Sheep along with Show wether lamb    

     prospects. We have also added a Full Blood Boer goat herd to our farm. We are very proud of all of our  

     livestock and would like to share some of them with you. For Further information please contact: Kevin

     Slack, W 3695 Willow Bend Rd, Lake Geneva, WI 53147
     Home: 262-248-7065 ... Cell: 262-903-5971 ... Email: 

Breeders from states T-Z