• D&J Acres

     Reg Fullblood And Percentage Goats For Sale And Shown
     24 Edwareds Lane, PO Box 188, Northeast Maryland 1-410-287-9597


  • Jacobson’s Ranch

     Jacobson’s Ranch was established in August of 2006. We are a family run Farm in South West lower    

     3930 Curran Road
     Buchanan MI
     Phone: 269-695-2940

  • T & J's Precious Boer Goats

     Terri & Jason Fryman
     Phone: 269-782-3430
     Founder of The Michigan Boer Goat Association
     Key Leader of 4 KIDS 4H Club- Cass County, MI
     Acting Treasurer of the MBGA, Inc.
     Dowagiac, Michigan
     Email is:
     Farm Tours always Welcome


  • Rose Creek Acres - Holly Heyer

     We strive to produce quality, healthy and friendly goats.  From the day our kids are born, we are sure to  

     handle and play with them to ensure non-aggressive or skittish behavior toward people.  Our goats are      

     fed high quality feeds, hay, mineral and pasture over the summer months.  All goats and kids are sold

     with a copy of their health/vaccination records, as well as their breeding records.

Our farm consists of three different groups, each with a variety of colors.  There is our commercial herd,  

     our Registered Boers and our Registered Kinders. 
     43727 Rose Creek Dr.
     La Crescent, MN 55947
     Phone: (608)406-0441


  • North Mississippi Boer Goats

     Our farm is located near New Albany ,MS .We operate a small herd of registered 100% Full Blood South  

     African Boer Goats CODI/PCI . We have top of the line pedigrees that we sell for show animals and

     heard inprovement.We do A.I. breeding on some of our does and operate a closed herd farm.To name a

     few of our blood lines are- codi big dog,bull dogen,codi queen,codi/pci bully,rozlin,SCHULZ

     CONGO,Double Bread Magum,codi fizz toot,codi/pci kittie "O" ,Downen,Bossman,Horney Knob's 

     Pete,KAPTEIN,SHAKA ZULU,MAGNUM'S BEAUTY, BIG MAMA,Eggstreme,Eaggs-Ryals Magnum,Many

     SA Stud # 994 and several more codi blood lines.
     We will have our own web site very soon. Our domain will be


  • Nevaeh Farms

     Dennis and Brandi Kuhl

     Nevaeh Farms is a family owned and operated farm, located within Polk County Missouri.  We take pride

     in raising Registered and Commercial Boer Goats. We raise quality Boer goats for meat, breeding and

     show. We offer traditional and colored goats.


  • Adams Ranch & Horse Creek Boers

     We are a small family operation, located in Central Montana. We run 100% to Commercials on our    

     7000acre Ranch. We can sell single animals to package deals. From kids to bred Does. We have Meat  

     Goats, Breeders , 4-H kids to Show Animals. We have a little of everything, for everyone. Come take a  

     look an see if we can help you find your next Boer. Call us 406-358-2353 or take a look at our website at   

  • Starvation Flats Boer Goats

     Debi Kirschten
     Baker, Mt. 59313
     (406) 778-3270


  • Raines Ranch Goats
     Raising registered Nubian dairy goats, registered Boer meat goats & Dorper cross sheep.


  • Big Buck Barns

     Located in Northern Nevada, 60 miles East of Reno. I have fullblood and percentage animals with quality

     bloodlines. My interest in Boer goats started as a youth in 4-H and has continued by refining and

     improving my herd to maximize muscle, proper confirmation, and longevity. Because healthy animals are

     important, I have a clean C.A.E. and C.L. tested herd. Regular vaccinating and paracite control are also a

     husbandry policy of Big Buck Barns. Many ribbon winners have been produced from this herd. Also many

     satisfied customers have improved their herds with our strong genetics. Take a minute and look up my

     page on Facebook.

     Travis Gibson
     1176 Briggs Lane
     Fallon, Nevada 89406

  • Hoffman Hill Farm

    Raising fullblood, percentage, and commercial boer goats.  Breeding stock or project animals.

     Debra & Annie Hoffman
     Fallon, Nevada


  • Phillips Goathead Acres

     Located in Southeastern New Mexico, just three hours south of Albuquerque and one hour Northwest of

     El Paso TX. We raise fullblood, percentage and market grade Boer Goats for show and meat. We have    

     several top quality genetics to include: Downen Big 85, Dow Pipeline, Dow M61, Downen VCR N179,  

     Labola, Top Gun No2, Sasquatch, Eggstreem, Eggsfile, Eggspense Account, Eggspensive, Eggsorcist,  

     Kaptein, Mojo Magic, Ubora, Oakridge Hudson, ORF Lyle, ORF 1147, SGF KF42 and Dual Ennobled

     Buttmaster. Visitors Welcome...Email: or visit our website 


  • Bosque Boers

     Located in Central New Mexico along the Rio Grande river.  We are a small family owned farm.  We are  

     approximately 33 miles South of Alburque in Bosque, New Mexico.  We raise 100% Fullblood and

     Percentage Boers.  Visit our website at

     Alex & Daniel Taylor
     20 Dolores Lopez Rd.
     Bosque, NM 87006


  • Coble Boer Goat Farm
     Coble Boer Goat Farm is located in Liberty, N.C. and sells Fullbloods, purebreds and percentage boer

     goats when available.


  • Broken Bit Boers

     We have been raising goats for 7 years now.  We have upgraded our herd with some 100% Boer Does    

     and have been using 100% Boer Bucks for 3 years now.  Our main herd is Nubian/Boer cross % goats  

     and 100% Nubian does.  We have been selling to 4-H children.  Hope to be soon selling does, bred does,

     etc in the future. 

     Dale, Sally & Laurie Donner
     7607 103 Ave. S.W.
     Regent, ND 58650
     Telephone # 701-563-4697


  • Triple J Goats
     We are located in Winchester , Ohio .  Our main focus is quality and our secondary focus is color.  We

     have 4-H projects and breeding stock.

  • Smith's Kids
     We are a small family operation in Berlin Heights, OH.

  • Sunny B Farm

     On the Ohio side of the West Virginia, Kentucky tri-state border is Lawrence County. Nestled among

     these Wayne National Forest Appalachian ridges in the gorgeous Ohio River valley is Sunny B Farm.

     Here we raise show quality fullbloods and percentage Boer goats from many ennobled bloodlines for the

     commercial market. Every goat is available for sale or trade with the goal of diversifying our bloodlines.

  • Windy Ridge Livestock
     Located on 375 acres in the beautiful rolling hills of Southeastern Ohio.  We raise quality boer goats that  

     are structurally sound, meaty, & have loads of color.  We have dappled, moonspotted and painted  

     genetics that back our hers for generations.  Our herd of Fullbloods, Purebreds and Commercial stock

     consists of today's Top Bloodlines as well as the great Foundation breeding from the past.  We have  

     goats available year round as well as 4-H market goats.  We also raise Katahdin Hair Sheep as well as

     Great Pyrenees.  Check our website to see some of the beautiful animals we have.

     Josh & Krista Long
     2232 State Route 83
     Beverly, OH 45715
     Telephone # 740-525-2933 or 740-525-2934


  • Bald Beak Boer Goats

     Hillsboro, Oregon. 97123
     Bald Beak Boer is a small farm 20 miles Southwest of Portland, Located in Yamhill county ( Heart of Wine  

     We offer animals with personality, calm dispositions, and great blood lines.
     We are Members of local 4-H club and offer Special pricing for Market FFA or 4-H.
     We produce uniform quality livestock that is suited for meat, show and breeding stock, Fullblood,        

     Purebred, and Percentage.

  • Goldhavens Boer Goats

     We are located in beautiful Central Oregon. Raising quality percentage and fullblood boer goats. Raising  

     top quality boer goats for show and breeding stock is our goal. Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies are

     available at times. Walt and Lyla Morrell 541-447-4614 leave message. 

  • Lani Sykes, breeder

     PO Box 514, Terrebonne, OR 97760 (central Oregon)

  • TLC Boer Goats

     We are a small three generation family farm that is continually working to improve the quality of our stock.    

     Our goal is to produce uniform quality livestock that is suited for meat, show and breeding stock. It is our  

     belief that it is necessary to meet high standards in all three areas to be successful in any single aspect.
     Feel free to contact any of us (Tom, Louise or Chuck) via email at or browse our    

     web site at

  • Rock Garden Boers

     Our goats are outstanding in their field.  We strive to raise quality traditional, red and paint Boer goats for  

     4-H & FA shows, breed shows, breeding stock, pets & meat.  Our ten acre mini-ranch is located in  

     Northeast Oregon, nestled in the Blue Mountains.  Our stock includes Fullbloods, purebred, and grade

     Boer Goats.  We started our adventure with Boer goats...and it truly has been an adventure, in August  

     2011.  We have found these wonderful creatures to be people friendly and nurturing mothers to their kids.    

     Please visit our website at

     Doug & Diane Dalton
     62388 Starr Lane
     La Grande, OR 97850

  • Spot Fire Farms

     We have over 100+ years experience in raising livestock-with my fathers help...(thanks dad). We raise

     our stock with respect - kindness and an understanding of animal behavior. We not only sell meat animals

     but pet/companion animals, so we breed for personality and calm kid friendly nature.  We have a 100%    

     Registered Herd by the USBGA.  Please visit our website at

     The McKinney Family
     17570 SE lower Island Rd.
     Dayton, OR 97114

  • Twin Firs Boers

    Jerry and Karen Lackner
     Email:, 503.859.4400; Cell: 503.385.6075
     Twin Firs Boers is a beautiful ranch in Lyons, Oregon. We raise and sell Fullblood and Percentage Boers

     for commercial breeding stock, Meat and Market Wethers.

  • Valley View Boer Goats

     Home of "Toboton Creek Cree" a CNR Pistolero(ennobled) son and Grand dam Amelio Precious Perfect

     (ennobled). We are located in western Multnomah County near Portland, Oregon. We raise full-blood and  

     percentage breeding stock as well as market wethers.

  • Willamette Valley Boer Goats
     We are located in the Mid-Willamette Valley west of Salem, Oregon. We raise fullbood breeding stock as  

     well as market wethers.

     Randy and Peggy Coats
     (503) 585-0998


  • Abiding Faith Boer Goats

     Located in New Park, PA. approx. 25 miles south of York. We raise quality registered full blood Boer  

     Goats, traditional, reds, blacks and paints. Excellent Pedigrees. Gentle, well cared for goats always

     available. Breeding age Bucks, Does, and Kids. Contact Dallas @ 717-382-1169 or visit us on the web at 

  • Bates Boer Goat Farm

     Producers of quality fullblood and percentage boer goats, including champion show whethers. Owner of  

     RRD 974, a FULL BROTHER TO COLLATERAL DAMAGE. A few of our 2005 Show Results include:  

     2005 PA State Farm Show Overall Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Grand Champion Breeding

     Does, 2005 Eastern National Livestock Show Overall Reserve Grand Champion buck and many others.

     We are located near Hershey, Pennsylvania. We welcome all inquiries. Phone: (717) 867-4731, e-mail

  • BIJO Boer Goats

     We are Bill & Joan Smith owners of BIJO Boer Goats located in Gardners, PA.

     We started our first herd of Commercial goats in 1999. In 2001 we had the good fortune to purchase our

     first herd of registered Boer goats. Over the last 11 years we have enhanced our genetics by adding    

     colored genetics to our herd. In 2011 we introduced Dappled genetics into our herd.

     Our current herd of Boer goats consist of Full Blood, Pure Bred, Percentage and Commercial Boer goats.      

     Our colored genetics carry traditional, red, black, black & white paints, red & white paints, belted paints,  

     tri-colored paints and dapple colors. We strive to breed quality meaty goats that will not only be show

     quality but will also help other Producers supply the growing demand for the World's #1 meat-Goat meat.

     We hope we can help other Breeders that are new to the Boer goat business or who are established  

     breeders add our colored genetics to enhance their breeding program.

     Bill & Joan Smith

  • Charles Family Farm
     Please check us out online or feel free to visit our farm. We enjoy talking Boer goats and visiting with  

     folks interested in starting a herd or just looking for a goat or two. You may also call us at 717 371 6238    

     or e-mail us at Our current herd sire is Hakuna Prince, son of Rad's

     Hakuna Matada, who is the son of the great Dr. Pepper. Since 1999 our does and sires have quality  

     animals.  Curtis Charles

  • Craft Farms
     Located in Cambria County, PA. We are a family owned and operated farm, nestled in the Laurel  

     Highlands. We raise Registered Boer Goats for breeding stock and club kids. We are dedicating to

     providing high quality animals and to improving the meat goat industry.

     Robert and Shelly Craft
     (814) 749-7687
     1033 Pike Road
     Mineral Point, PA 15942

  • Just Right Farm Boer Goats
     Just Right Farm Boer Goats began breeding registered percentage, pure bred and fullblood Boers in  

     2007. We have built a closed herd of Traditional, Red, Paint and currently are adding Dappled Boers. Our  

     goal is to produce goats which demonstrate the Boer standards of excellent muscling, length and width,

     hardiness, and growth-rate. We sell breeding stock, 4-H and FFA market goats, and commercial meat

     wethers. Our 29 acre farm is located in scenic East Central PA near interstate 80. We welcome visitors by

     appointment. Contact us through our webpage, Just Right Farm Boer Goats at, email or  570-389-1077.

  • Minnow Run Goats
     We are located in Warfordsburg Pa, just across the Pennsylvania and Maryland line just minutes from I-

     70 raising percentage and pure-blood Boer goats with bloodlines that include ennobled goats such as  

     Concho, Iag Ishak Vorster, Ubora, Sasquatch to name a few. The herd sire is a beautiful buck named  

     Ross-Mar Farms Clydesdale, will be adding a new buck with more bloodlines soon. check us out online 

     or e-mail us at

  • Myers View Farm

     Myers View Farm is committed to producing top quality percentage goats and top quality show wethers.

     In our short history in the Boer Goat Industry we have produced champion wethers and does at county,  

     regional, state and national shows. A few of our highlights include, 2004 Eastern National Regional

     USBGA Yearling Percentage Champion Doe, 2004 PA Farm Show Champion and Reserve Champion

     Boer Does, 2004 Delaware State Fair Champion Wether, and 2004 PA Farm Show Reserve Champion

     Wether. Visitors are always welcome.
     Stop by our website at or email us at:

  • Noblit Farms & Breezy Hollow Boer Goats

     Anna & Andrew Noblit,, 1446A Tourist Park Road, Halifax, PA 17032
     Our focus is on the COLORED BOERS, most of which are registered fullbloods. We also have a few

     registered percentages and 2 unregistered percentages. We have 2 breeding bucks, with more to come

     soon. Feel free to contact us via phone or email at any time to talk to us about our goats and to ask any

     questions about the goats in general. Please check out our website:

  • Pine Hill Farms

     We are located in Bedford County, south central PA. We have fullblood, percentages, and some colored  

     Boer  goats. We strive to raise the very best goats possible. We are always ready and willing to help you

     with your goats. Stop by for a visit.
     Jim, Jennifer, and Hannah Keebaugh

  • Poe Farms
     Here at Poe Farms we raise quality boer goats with personality and color. We have fullbloods as well as

     percentages. We are a family farm breeding for show and meat goats. Our farm is located in South

     Central, PA.

South Carolina

  • Billy's Goat Hill

     Billy's Goat Hill is a family owned and operated Meat Goat Farm in NW South Carolina run by Jim,  

     Gaylene and Billy Carson. Our breeding program strives to improve the Meat Goat standards through    

     careful selection of genetic breeding and heavy culling of insufficient progeny.

     Our emphasis is to offer delicious, mild, tender, healthy Goat Meat for sale direct to local consumers. We  

      supply Goat Meat to several local restaurants, Family Farm Stores, and direct from our farm. We    

     occasionally sell Market Kids and Supreme Breeding and Show Stock. Visit our website for current products and goats available.

  • Eagles Nest Boer Goats
     We are Jamie and Robyn McDowell in Seneca, SC. We raise full blood and percentage Traditional and

     Colored Boer Goats. We love our animals and are proud members of the USBGA. Please see our web  


  • Misery Farm
     Santee, SC
     Full Blood Boer Goat-Quality Breeding Stock-Home of Tarzan's Zantar (own son of Tarzan T66) - Enrolled

     in the SC Voluntary Scrapie Program. E-mail

  • NRJF Carolina Boers
     Located in South Carolina, we are a family operation focused on raising quality fullblood, percentage, and

     paint boer goats. Neil & Teresa Johnson, NRJF Carolina Boers, USBGA Lifetime member

Breeders from states M- S