Breeders from states H-L


  • Copper Penny Ranch
     We raise high quality Fullblood and Percentage Breeding and Show animals.   We breed for correct

     structure,  excellent muscling, lots of milk for fast growing kids, and excellent mothering instincts.

     We have a strong 4-H show wether market,  as we have produced 17 GCH and 14 RGCH market

     wethers in the past 5 years.  We also have an excellent track record in the show ring, and would

     love to provide you with outstanding animals with the pedigrees to match.  Please see our article in

     the USBGA magazine!    CAE negative CL Free Herd.       e-mail:

  • Gifford Ache-r-Age

     Wayne and Lindy Gifford
     We are located in New Plymouth, Idaho, where we raise Full-blood, Pure-blood, and percentage

     Boers. Visit our web site or stop by and see us when you can.

     Our web site is http://gifford-ache-r-

  • Indian Head Farm

     We are located just outside the historical town of Wesier, Idaho. Our 15 acre farm is quietly nestled

     beneath Indianhead Mountian. We began raising goats in 2002 . Our goal is to raise healthy, happy

     goats while sharing our knowledge with all who would ask God has blessed our family, and our

     herd greatly these past years, and we hope to pass on the greatness. Please enjoy our site, and

     feel free to contact us at anytime.

  • Sage Acres Ranch

     Located in the Snake River Valley of South East Idaho, we strive to breed healthy, meaty animals.

     We raise percentage and fullblood goats. Our bucks are collected, and our herd is CAE tested

     annually. Focusing on the commercial market, we pull our showstring from the commercial herd.

     Please feel free to visit our website, and visitors are always welcome.
     Henry & Lauri Camphouse, Blackfoot, Idaho,

  • Wolfmoon Boer Goat Ranch
    Located in the highlands of Idaho just 1 1/2 hours South of Coeur d'Alene, ID; 2 hours South of Spokane, WA; 1 hour East of Moscow, ID and 1 1/2 hour North of Lewiston, ID. We produce hardy, mountain raised, fullblood and percentage Boer goats for breeding and meat. Email


  • ​B&R Allen Farm

     We are located in Southern Illinois near the town of Valmeyer. Our farm is nearly two years old. We

     raise quality meat goats. Percentages range from 50%-100%. We are interested in building our

     herd and selling. Presently we have several well stocked bucks for sale. Please contacts us at or visit our website at

  • Clark Family Farm

     Come visit our website:
     Brad & Nancy Clark, 309-627-2108
     RR1 Box 137, Kirkwood, IL 61447

  • 1st Ave Acres Farm

     Welcome! We raise traditional, red, black, and paint Fullblood and Percentage Boer goats on our Illinios  

     Farm. You want color and quality at an reasonable price? You've found the right place! Check out our top-  

     quality Boer Goats for Sale today. At 1st Ave Acres, We Breed 'em Like You Need 'em! Contact Tim &  

     Misty Borrowman anytime at 618-795-0591 or 618-420-8364 or; web:

  • J & H Boer Goat Ranch

     Located near Joliet IL. Offers 100% Red Boer Goats as well as Traditional. Please visit our web site at or email us PH 708-301-7864

  • JBFarms Boers

     We are located near Flanagan, IL. We breed traditional, red, black and paint percentage and fullblood  

     boers. Please visit our site and let us know if we can help.

  • Lazy A Ranch

     We raise traditional, reds and paints. Our goal is to raise quality animals for breeding, show, and meat.  

     We are hoping to soon sell a line of quality goat fencing.

  • Newtown Farms Boer Goats

     Located in Wilmington, Illinois, Newtown Farms Boer Goats has 35 Fullblood does and 3 Fullblood herd  

     sires and some of the finest genetics in the business: Pipeline, Eggsfile, Top Brass, Concho, Magnum,  

     Ubora and many, many more. Feel free to visit or call us at 815-476-9620. Or check out our website at:

  • Sweet Victory Farm

     We are located north of Danville, IL and raise FB and Percentage breeding stock. We are very proud of  

     the natural muscling and structural correctness of our animals. We have traditionals, reds, and paints for

     your approval. Our goal is to concentrate on animals that can work in the pasture and the show ring. Give

     us a call and come see what our selective breeding has been putting together for you!! You can catch us

     on the web at and e-mail us at The old

     fashioned way works, too -- call Jodie or Ange at 217-840-1680 or 217-446-0358.

  • Thomas Farms
     Located at Bloomington, Illinois. We breed registered full blood/percentage BOER GOATS. We have  

     quality show goats and breeding stock. We also have a small commercial herd. Stop by our site and look  



  • Able Acres Boer Goats

     Raising fullblood and percentage boer goats. Specializing in top quality show wethers. Stop by our  

     website and see what we have to offer.

  • B & B Show Stock
     "Fullblood and Purebred Boer Goat Breeding Stock"

     Home of the soon to be ENNOBLED AABG/NBD REBECCA
     Home of 4 Champions at the 2011 Indiana State Fair
     ** Home of the 2010 ABGA National Grand Champion Produce of Dam ** 
     2010 Indiana State Fair Reserve Grand Fullblood Doe- Rebecca

     Blakely Clements & Bryan Fountain
     (812) 617-5337 & (812) 583-1292
     800 Shawswick School Road 
     Bedford, Indiana 47421

  • Cox Family Farms

     Welcome! We are a family operated farm that enjoys raising traditional, paint, spotted, and  

     dappled Fullblood Boer goats in Southern Indiana. Check out the top-quality Boer Goats that    

     we have available today! At Cox Family Farms we breed and raise high quality Boer Goats at a      

     reasonable price. Contact Jason & Amanda Cox anytime at 812-550-2345 or 812-499-7865 or website:


  • Green Meadow Farm

     Welcome to Green Meadow Farm located in central Indiana 10 miles south of Indianapolis. We breed,

     raise,and sell fullblood boer goats. We have tradionals, reds, and paints.  Visit us at the farm at 3459 E.  

     Centenary Rd.Mooresville, Indiana or at our website  or call

     (317)831-5203. Wilbert and Lynne Turner

  • HVFarm Boer Goats

     Mitchell Indiana
     We have 100% Registered Boer goats for sale.
     We now have 2 Wether Goats for sale would make excellent 4H goats-DOB- 1-19-2011.
     Call Sylvia Way 812-849-3271 or 812-508-2724 or email

  • Lumley Farms​

​​     Located in southern Indiana we are raising quality full blood and percentage Boer goats. Stop by and see

     us on the web at or contact us at

  • M & H Ranch, Inc.

     Award Winning Boer Goats for sale! Full-Blood and Percentages. South African and New Zealand  

     genetics also. Top Quality Breeding Stock!


  • Mar-Bob Boer Goats 

     Located in South Central Indiana.
     Phone: (812) 620-5627

  • Milbrock Farms

     Located in Greencastle, Indiana.
     Milbrock Farms is a two generation family effort to raise quality 100% Boer breeding stock.  We are  

     located in west central Indiana in the Greencastle area.  We operate on farms that have been in our

     family for over 100 years and we take pride in the care and breeding of our livestock.  If you are looking

     for a quality buck or doe to add to your herd, we can be reached by email at: or by phone at 765-247-9358. 

     Gene and Carrie Milner & Laura and Chris Elsbrock.  USBGA breeder number MBF765.

  • Peacock Boer Goats

     Located in Winchester, Indiana, we produce top quality fullblood and percentage show and breeding boer

     goats utilizing many of the top bloodlines in the industry. Stop by our site at to learn more about our farm and what we have for sale.

  • Pearlanna Boer Goats

     We are located in North Central Indiana about 18 miles East of Lafayette. We have been raising Boer

     Goats since 2000. Our goats are raised in a natural and economical manner. They are bred naturally and  

     have had a kidding average of slightly over two kids per doe for the last two years. Fullblood and

     percentage Boer Goats -- you can count on healthy goats that are pretty and productive. Please visit our

     web page at or stop by the farm any time.
     Howard Hendrickson, 765-296-2903,

  • Roll Farms

     Located near Marion, IN. We specialize in super-sized, quality wethers and percentage does that have

     done well in OH and IN at county fairs. Also, Boer, BoKi, and Nubian goats and poultry of all kinds. Our

     Boer herd sire, Optimus Prime, has 5 ennoblements in his pedigree, including Tarzan T-66 and Eggsfile.

     Please visit our site at for more info or email Have a

     great day!​​


  • Full Image Boers

    Full Image Boers , A small hobby farm, located in Ottumwa IA, that takes great pride in providing you with

    the up most style, and genetics to succeed in picking out the perfect Champion.
    Contact Ryan Dowd at 507-208-9704

  • Triple T Farms

     We are located in Northwest Iowa near Holstein.  We breed, raise, and sell percentage and fullblood boer

     goats for breeding stock and show purposes.  Check out our website at:  Feel free to  

     contact us if you have any questions


  • Bare Creek Farm

     We are located in central Kentucky, we specialize in Full Blood and Pureblood Boers.  Our bloodlines

     include: R27 Tarzan, Kaptein, Bodacious Hoot, Gar Aduwa Sasquatch, E.G.G.S Treme, Tatonka,  

     Eggsfile, Ubora, Yabu, JV257 Samson, Dow Pipeline, Remfire, and Rapid Fire.  
     Visit our website at or email us at

  • BDR Boer Goats

     We are a small farm in northeast Kentucky we offer full blood ,percentage and boer Spanish cross for  

     commercial market. all were purchased from reputable breeders or raised right here on the farm are  

     heard is very well maintained we keep records on every animal from birth including birth and weaning

     weights and all medications given since birth so there is no doubt you are getting a quality from BDR 

     boer goats      
     Contact us at or call (606)585-5127 or(606)585-6347   

     Chris or Jennifer miller

  • Bentley Bros. Farms

     Home of LKJ Stockman. We offer fair wethers, fullblood, and percentage animals.  We keep track of birth  

     and weaning weights so you will have more than just a pedigree with your animal."

  • Blair & Son's Boer Goats

     We are a Family Run Farm located in Western KY, near the TN border. We have a herd of about 50 Boers  

     and everyone pitches in to lend a hand. We hope you find some information that you can use from our

     site. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

  • Daffodil On The Hill Boer Goats

     Located in Kentucky. Our genetics includes Eggs Ryals Magnum, E.G.G.S. Treme, Sasquatch,

     Eggsellent, Mzuri, Ubora, NBBG Tsjaka, NBBG Renior, Eggsfile, Eggs Pensive, Top Gun No.2, Kaptein,

     JLF Frances, Mojo Magic, HMR Sumo, Dew Walt G49, DOW2 Big 85, Tabu, 2 SIS Tamu, Yabu, Johaan to    

     name a few. You can contact me by calling (606)598-5274 or email me at or visit

     my website, USBGA member # 6170, Delmas

     Jackson, 5631 S. Hwy 66, Big Creek, Kentucky 40914

  • Dowell's Boer Goats

     James Dowell
     864 Harlen Allen ln.
     Webster Ky. 40176
     cell ph.     270-945-4539
     home ph.  270-547-3438
     Home of {PEANUT} CCF2 V607

  • Heart Of Gold Boer Farm 

     Connie Cramer
     635 Jones Lane
     Versailles, Ky. 40383


  • Rowdy Mountain Boer Goats - "Where Quality Is Our Goal"

     We are located in Southeastern Kentucky near Hazard. We raise Fullblood Show and Breeding stock and  

     try to produce the best boer goat possible through selective breeding and outstanding genetics.  

     Bloodlines represented in our herd include: Kaptein, DSM Kala, DSM Cloud Dancing, EGGSfile, Renoir,

     Mzuri, Magnum, and EGGSorcist to name a few. Browse our website, and please contact us if you have

     any questions. Email: Phone: (606) 435-1296


  • Cool Breeze Farm Boer Goats

     Located in Benton, LA. Just north of Shreveport, LA. Meat goats, quality 4-H wethers at very reasonable

     prices, and breeding stock. Phone (318) 326-4980 or email

  • TH Boer Goats

     Located in Erwinville La. Raising Full Blood, Pure Bred and Percentage Boer Goats. Visitors welcome.
     Call 225 627 6498 or visit our web site at

  • Weeks Quality Boer Goats

     Located in Monroe, LA.. We raise quality Fullblood and Percentage Boer . VisitGoats.  We offer  

     Traditional and Paint Goats.
     Phone: (318)343-7415 or Email: